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  • Fact:  Security guards are among the highest demand jobs in
  •           California and in the US.

  • Fact:  Demand for private security guards has surged since
  •           "911".

  • Fact:  The job outlook for this career is very promising as
  •           the trend is for more demand.

  • Fact:  Security guard skills and qualifications allow you to work
  •           almost anywhere in the state.

  • Fact:  Security guards need to be trained in a state-approved
  •           curriculum.  Since 2004 when AB 2880 was enacted into

              law, a guard needs to have California guard card with 40

              hours of training in the first year, and 8 hours of training

              annually to renew.  More hours are needed to qualify for a

              firearm and baton.

  • Fact:  You don't need to stress over this.  It can be done easily
  •           with the proper guidance presented in this site!

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    Beware of the training facilities that say they can do the 8 hour course in just 2 hours and it is only 45 questions. Ask yourself if you were the employer would you want the employee with the 2 hour training or would you want the employee that had the real state mandated 8 hour course. Security guard companies do look at the quality of your training and where you took your training for your security guard card, baton, and firearms permit. We have the only facilities that all the instructors have college degrees, we have the quality that all guard companies look for in the training, we also train and certify firearms instructors, we have the service that other try to follow, we have the price, and we will give you the answers and quality training that exceeds the state minimums. To be a professional Security Officer you must be trained by Professional Instructors.
    California Security Guard Card Training
    "Powers to Arrest"

    You may stand post after an eight hour course and receiving your guard card.  You will have 30 days to complete your first sixteen hours of training and then six months after getting your Security Guard card to complete the remaining sixteen hours for a total of forty.  You may elect to take all forty hours of Security Guard card training at one time also. Prior to renewal of your Security Guard card after January 1, 2005 you must complete an eight hour refresher course four of which will be a mandated course set by the state and a four hours of an elective.



    The baton training course is designed to give students the minimum level of proficiency to carry and use a baton while on duty as private security guards. Individuals required to obtain a baton permit must be taught in the format described in Section 7585.9(a) of the Business and Professions Code. The Baton Training Manual provides that format.

    Under existing law, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (the ?Bureau?) only has authority to issue "a baton permit" or a "baton instructor certificate. The Bureau shall issue only a single "generic" type of baton permit and baton instructor certificate.

    All licensees holding a baton permit may carry any type of baton on the job regardless of the type specified on the baton permit so long as he or she is proficient in the use of the device.

    In summary, the Bureau has the authority to require an applicant to undergo baton training in order to receive a baton permit and for an applicant to meet a set of specific criteria to receive a baton instructor permit. However, once a permit or certificate is issued, the holder may carry or teach any type of baton.